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Welcome to CoolDisplays.net, the directory for outdoor holiday lighting displays. This directory works similar to Wiki and should be thought of as a collection of web pages that anyone can edit. There are currently 142 displays listed.

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Workman's Wild Wires

Stansbury Park, UT     (105 votes)       Update: 1/1/2014
Christmas Animated uses LOR Pyrotechnics Utah

Keith's Halloween Light Show

Riverside, CA     (31 votes)       Update: 11/4/2011
Halloween Synced to Music Animated Computer control California

Maple Ridge Lights

Burlington, NC     (30 votes)       Update: 10/8/2019
Christmas holiday uses Falcon Player uses xLights Synced to Music Pixel Computer control arches donation RGB fm radio Animated North Carolina North Carolina

Lights on Display

Los Angeles, CA     (25 votes)       Update: 12/3/2016
Christmas Animated Synced to Music animatronics uses DMX California

Magic Christmas

Alexandria, LA     (25 votes)       Update: 4/7/2014
Christmas Computer control uses LOR Synced to Music Animated fm radio blow molds Louisiana

Listen to Our Lights

Cedar Park, TX     (21 votes)       Update: 12/30/2013
Christmas uses LOR Texas

Christmas @ the Hormanns

Liberty Township, OH     (20 votes)       Update: 11/26/2018
Christmas New Years Day Computer control Animated Synced to Music RGB Ohio

Mission Holiday Lights

Hackettstown, NJ     (20 votes)       Update: 9/26/2015
Christmas Halloween Computer control uses LOR Animated Synced to Music New Jersey

A Jefferson Christmas

Oak Ridge, NJ     (20 votes)       Update: 10/27/2011
Christmas Animated wire frames New Jersey

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