How do I vote for my favorite display? allows you to mark any number of sites as personal favorites. Once a site is a favorite, you may assign one or more points (votes) to the display. Your point allocation plus the allocation of every other registered user become the popularity of the display.
  1. In order to favorite a site, the first step is to login.
  2. After logging in, a star will be displayed next to each display. Clicking on a black and white star () will convert it to gold () making it a favorite.
  3. To adjust the number of points assigned to a favorite display, click on My Favorites in the Main Menu on the right hand side of any page. The Save Points button must be clicked when done or the new point allocation will be lost.

How do I remove a display from my favorite list?

Click on My Favorites to see a list of your favorite websites. If the yellow star () next to any display is clicked, a prompt will appear asking if the display should be removed from the list of favorites.

I don't want my display listed on this site.

If you own the display and wish to have it removed, please contact If the display is no longer being setup each year, deactiving the display may be better than removing it.

What if a display is no longer active?

Displays can be active or inactive. Inactive displays still appear on the site to share historic information, but appear differently on maps. To mark a display as inactive, edit the display. Under Key Information change the Active field to No.

Which displays can I edit?

All of them! The site allows any display to be edited by any registered users. Note that any edits which violate the Terms of Service may be reverted.

What should I do if I still have a question?

Additional questions can be direct to

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