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King Family Christmas Lights

Maineville, OH (0 votes) Update: 12/9/2019
Christmas uses LOR Synced to Music inflatables Ohio

Shumaker Christmas Lights

Ingalls, IN (0 votes) Update: 11/30/2019
Christmas Animated uses LOR Indiana


Xenia, OH (0 votes) Update: 11/3/2019
Christmas Halloween Synced to Music uses LOR Ohio

Canfield Christmas Lights

Canfield, OH (0 votes) Update: 12/3/2016
Christmas uses LOR Computer control Animated Ohio

Stone Fox Lights

Spring, TX (0 votes) Update: 4/20/2014
Christmas Animated uses LOR Synced to Music uses DMX Texas

Markwell Lights

Oklahoma City, OK (0 votes) Update: 4/20/2014
Christmas Animated Synced to Music uses LOR uses DMX Oklahoma

Workman's Wild Wires

Stansbury Park, UT (105 votes) Update: 1/1/2014
Christmas Animated uses LOR Pyrotechnics Utah

Elfvis & the Kringles

Round Rock, TX (0 votes) Update: 1/1/2014
Christmas animatronics uses LOR Animated Texas

Listen to Our Lights

Cedar Park, TX (17 votes) Update: 12/30/2013
Christmas uses LOR Texas

Fairmont Lights

fairmont, MN (5 votes) Update: 12/9/2012
Christmas Computer control uses LOR Animated Minnesota

Mesta Lights

Oklahoma City, OK (0 votes) Update: 11/12/2011
Christmas fm radio uses LOR Animated Computer control Synced to Music Oklahoma
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