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Maple Ridge Lights

Burlington, NC     (30 votes)       Update: 1/11/2017
Christmas holiday uses Falcon Player uses xLights Synced to Music Pixel Computer control arches donation RGB fm radio Animated North Carolina North Carolina

Blickensderfer Family Christmas

Gnadenhutten, OH     (0 votes)       Update: 11/20/2018
Christmas uses Falcon Player uses xLights Computer control Pixel RGB arches Ohio

Lights to Beats

Sparks, NV     (0 votes)       Update: 4/20/2014
Christmas Synced to Music Pixel Animated Nevada

BFamily Christmas

Tallahassee, FL     (0 votes)       Update: 1/20/2015
Christmas New Years Day Thanksgiving Tallahassee Pixel Florida

Fairfield Lights

Fairfield, CA     (0 votes)       Update: 10/12/2016
Christmas Halloween fm radio Pixel Animated uses DMX uses xLights uses Falcon Player California

Johnson Family Light Show

San Antonio, TX     (0 votes)       Update: 12/3/2016
Christmas Pixel Synced to Music Commercial Texas

Trista Lights

Minnetrista, MN     (0 votes)       Update: 12/3/2016
Christmas Halloween uses DMX Pixel Synced to Music Minnesota

Lights on Tosha

Burlington , KY     (0 votes)       Update: 12/1/2018
Christmas Pixel Computer control Kentucky

Jett Lights

Independence, KY     (0 votes)       Update: 12/1/2018
Christmas inflatables Pixel Synced to Music Kentucky

Atkins-Hasan Christmas

Monroe, OH     (0 votes)       Update: 12/9/2018
Christmas RGB Synced to Music uses Falcon Player arches uses Animated Lighting uses Vixen Pixel Ohio

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